Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows the stress of leaving them behind, be it for a weekend getaway or even just during the workday. Fortunately, there’s a special place in Palm Beach County where every four-footed guest gets the five-star treatment they truly deserve.

In the heart of Jupiter, Florida, lies a gem for our beloved canine companions: DogsWorld Pet Resort. But DogsWorld is not just another boarding and daycare center; it’s the embodiment of a philosophy that places pets at the center of our lives.

Embracing “The Dog Lifestyle”

DogsWorld holds an unwavering belief in “The Dog Lifestyle.” This isn’t just a catchy phrase. For our team, it’s a way of life. Recognizing dogs as cherished family members and not mere accessories, our philosophy emphasizes the deep bond shared between humans and their pets. Dogs accompany us in sports, exercise, social gatherings, and so much more. We yearn to provide the best for them, ensuring our most loyal companions lead the most enriching lives possible.

Walking the Dogs Down Memory Lane

DogsWorld is the brainchild of Justin Phillips, a “recovering attorney”, published author, and an ardent dog lover. With more than 15 years of experience in animal care, including dog training, boarding, and daycare in the hustle and bustle of New York City, Justin’s passion for canine welfare led him south. In 2016, motivated by Florida’s climate and a dream to revolutionize dog care, he established DogsWorld.

DogsWorld is designed with a singular mission: to provide a luxurious resort and daycare facility that treats dogs with the respect and care they deserve. Our team prioritizes the health, safety, and happiness of canine guests, ensuring that their humans have peace of mind, knowing their beloved pets are in the best hands.

Exceptional Services, With a Promise

The comprehensive dog care services at DogsWorld are tailored to ensure your pet experiences the gold standard of care. Whether they’ve checked in for an extended stay, a day of play, or some pampering at our spa, the goal remains the same: ensuring your dog has the most fulfilling time in a safe and healthy environment.

  • Top tier lodging: Imagine a place where your pet isn’t just housed but cherished, where they can relish in spacious luxury rooms and suites tailored just for them. Our state-of-the-art canine hotel ensures your dog has both indoor and outdoor play access, surrounded by love and care. Climate-controlled facilities ensure your pet’s ease and comfort, rain or shine. Compassionate and skilled caregivers, paired with a plethora of engaging activities, make DogsWorld a vacation destination, turning their stay into an experience rather than just a necessity.
  • Superior daycare: Thanks to The Wag Zone – an expansive 7,000 square feet of outdoor play space – DogsWorld promises endless fun under the sun. And should the Florida weather turn? No worries. Temperature-controlled indoor playrooms ensure your furball is always playing in complete comfort. Our approach to daycare is meticulous, yet personal. Dogs are placed in small playgroups under keen supervision, allowing them to socialize while also having plenty of downtime to rest. And for those dogs who have a soft spot for humans? Our Personal Daycare program provides both entertainment and engagement with DogsWorld staff in equal measure.
  • Stellar spa treatments: A day of pampering is every bit as much for our pups as it is for us humans. At DogsWorld, our highly trained spa specialists ensure your pet feels like a VIP (very important pet) whether they’re enjoying a basic bath, nail trim, or brush out. Every dog is unique, and that’s why the staff treats each guest as an individual, guaranteeing an unmatched spa day.

A Pledge to Give Back

DogsWorld’s commitment extends beyond its walls. Recognizing the invaluable role dogs play in our lives, our team actively gives back to the Jupiter, Florida, and Palm Beach County communities. A portion of our proceeds supports animal rescue initiatives, service dog training and placements, and care for retired military dogs.

DogsWorld isn’t just about luxury; it’s a promise that we’ll be there for your furry family member whenever you are away.


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