You may have noticed already, but your dog loves being outdoors.

Simply utter the phrase “let’s go outside” and chances are your dog will bolt to the nearest exit like lightning.

For them, it is absolutely an opportunity to play and let loose. But there’s also more to it than that.

Here are just four reasons dogs love being outdoors, and what we as pet parents can do to encourage it.

  1. Their health depends on physical activity and exertion: Your dog requires exercise to stay mentally and physically healthy. Without it, their joints, muscles, mental acuity, and behavior can be impacted. Homeowners without fenced-in yards must walk their dogs in the morning and the evening, and even this is not enough to keep a pet stimulated, comfortable, and content. Pet parents are encouraged to spend as much time as possible with their pups outdoors, going on long, leisurely walks, running at the park, and playing a game of fetch in the backyard. Fenced-in play areas are also ideal for our pets. Just be sure to supervise extended periods outside.
  2. They are heeding the call of the wild. Domestic dogs are the descendants of wolves. Being outdoors is inscribed in their DNA. Not only do dogs love being outdoors because it offers them a sense of that hereditary freedom, but they also can roam and explore.
  3. They love a change of scenery. Particularly if your dog has been at home throughout the day, a chance to get outside allows their senses to reawaken in a whole new way. Dogs thrive on their sense of smell, and outdoors those scents and odors are multiplied exponentially. Just think of how your dog loves to hang its head out the window on a long car ride. Imagine the smell of all of your favorite foods washing over you at 60 mph. Dogs love this sensory overload.
  4. They can meet new friends. Just like us, dogs love to be social. Stemming from their wild ancestors, dogs are pack animals who draw enrichment from engaging friends both old and new. Doggie daycare is the best way to socialize your dog. With controlled groups, a safe environment, and lots of dog-inspired activities, your pooch will be loving life!

Active dogs are healthy and happy dogs. Dogs love being outdoors and making this possible for them as often as possible is one of the most important things we can do as pet parents.

DogsWorld understands how important regular exercise is for our pets. We offer several mentally and physically stimulating daycare and boarding options to fit dogs of all ages, breeds, and personalities.

Our resort is fully supervised by highly trained caregivers and all guests enjoy all the playtime and attention they crave. Call us today to make your pup’s Daycare reservation.