An Entire World Dedicated to Your Dog

DogsWorld is a one-stop, destination resort for dogs in Jupiter, FL offering luxury dog lodging, daycare, dog training, grooming and activities centered around our gorgeous multi-million-dollar resort.

Our Unique Pet Care Philosophy:

DogsWorld Resort Staff

At DogsWorld, we are firm believers in what we call “The Dog Lifestyle.” The Dog Lifestyle recognizes that our dogs are not just pets or accessories, but full-fledged family members for whom we want the very best. There are no other pets that we interact with, exercise with, do sports with and take out with us into the world and include in our lives as much as dogs. Dog owners love to talk about their dogs and take their dogs out to meet other dog owners and their dogs. We want them to live the happiest and most enriching lives possible. We understand that, like us, they are extremely social animals and when we have to be apart from them we miss them and know how much they miss us.

Our mission at DogsWorld Resort is to make sure that your dog will have the most fun, fulfilling time they could have, in the healthiest and safest environment possible, when you can’t be there to take care of them. That is our promise, whether they come for extended lodging, daycare or just a quick visit to our spa. In order to make this a reality we have designed a new, better kind of experience so that both our clients and their canines can enjoy The Dog Lifestyle to the fullest.

At DogsWorld, we only have all natural, North American, environmentally friendly and high-quality products. In addition, we give your dog only filtered water throughout their day. Your furry friend will have plenty of indoor and outdoor playtime, and appropriate down time in between.

Giving Back to the Jupiter, FL Community:

Because we know how much dogs add to our lives, we go to great lengths to promote all dogs, regardless of their birth circumstances, and that is why we pledge part of our proceeds every year go to the following area causes:

  • Animal rescue
  • Service dog training and placement
  • Care and placement for retired military dogs

About the Owner

Justin Phillips Dogsworld OwnerJustin Phillips

Justin is a “recovering attorney”, published author and lifetime dog lover. He eventually realized he wanted to work with dogs and their owners and now has 15 years of experience in the dog care industry, including dog training, boarding and daycare in New York City.  In 2013, the call of Florida’s climate and his desire to build a new, better kind of dog care facility motivated him to create his dream: DogsWorld.

DogsWorld is a luxury resort and daycare facility based on Justin’s commitment to The Dog Lifestyle and treating dogs as respected family members who deserve the best care possible when they can’t be with their families. DogsWorld is designed with the health, safety and happiness of our canine guests, as well as their human parents’ satisfaction and peace of mind, at the forefront of everything we do.

About Our General Manager

Katie Bergel

With over 10 years of experience working in veterinary hospitals and pet resorts, Katie’s dedication and passion for pet care knows no bounds. Katie joined the DogsWorld team before it opened its doors in 2016 and helped solidify DogsWorld’s reputation as one of the top dog resorts in the region. In 2022, she was made a partner and is excited to open more DogsWorld locations with the same, unmatched standards of care our human and canine customers have come to expect.

Katie and her husband Austin are the proud parents of six furry children and one human son, Brooks. With a soft spot for Australian Shepherds, they have two—Dallas and Walter—as well as four kitties (Luna, Pi, Mushu, and Ping). When she’s not tending to her immediate or extended fur family, Katie can often be seen roaming the dog beach with Dallas and Walter, or snorkeling in the blue waters of Jupiter!