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With Every Groom!

We know how much you like cuddling and kissing your freshly-bathed pup—and how important
it is for their health. That’s why the spa at DogsWorld Resort offers dog bathing spa services using all-natural,
environmentally friendly products.

Our Services

  • Premium Bath Service – Our premium dog bathing service includes a premium bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, and ear cleaning.
  • Ultra Bath – This special package includes furmination (dog de-shedding), bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning.
  • Basic Dog Bath Service
  • Nail Trims
  • And dog spa services to come like canine massage and hydrotherapy.
dog bathing jupiter fl
dog bathing jupiter fl

Health Benefits of Regular Dog Bathing in Jupiter, FL

  • A regularly bathed and brushed dog has a healthier skin and coat and helps prevent matting
  • Most dogs shed less when they are on a regular bathing schedule
  • Periodic dog nail trimming is safer for your pet and also easier on your floors
  • It can be difficult to really clean your dog’s ears, but we know how to do it safely and properly
  • Our bathers’ trained hands and eyes can help spot potential health risks before they become major health problems

Dog Bathing & Spa FAQ

What vaccinations are required for grooming/bathing?

To keep our guests safe and healthy, we require all dogs be up to date on vaccinations for rabies, distemper combo, and Bordetella. We also highly recommend the canine influenza vaccinations.

Do you require an appointment?

To keep wait times as short as possible, we do require appointments for grooming and bathing.

How often should my dog come in for a bath?

Many dogs benefit from a once-monthly bath, but it depends on your dog’s individual coat, activity level, and health. Some dogs benefit from baths as often as every two weeks.

How often does my dog need their nails trimmed?

Like human nails, dog nails grow constantly and will get too long if not trimmed regularly. To keep their paws comfortable, most pet parents will bring their dogs in for a nail trim every 2-3 weeks.

Can my dog get a bath while they’re visiting for lodging or daycare?

Absolutely, we’d love to send your furry friend home sparkling and fresh. Just let us know ahead of time so we can book their appointment at the salon.

Do you have grooming packages?

Most of our grooming clients like to have their pets receive multiple treatments while they’re with us. We’ve developed several convenient grooming packages to cover the most important services. Our most popular is our Premium Bath package which includes a luxurious bath, brush out and nail trim.