As we welcome the new year, it’s the perfect time to do away with old habits, refresh our schedules, and try new things. And not just for us – but for our furry friends, as well. At DogsWorld, switching up your dog’s routine is a walk in the park—or maybe we should say a dash through The Wag Zone!

Here are five great ways to add some extra tail wags to your pup’s daily grind throughout 2024.

Reawaken Your Dog’s Inner Social Butterfly

Just like us, our dogs crave companionship and thrive on social interactions. DogsWorld’s Social Daycare is a haven for pets who love being part of the “pack.” Revitalize your dog’s routine with regular romps across our 7,000-square-foot outdoor dog park, where they’ll make new furry friends while building social skills and confidence.

Indulge in One-on-One Care

Some pups prefer the undivided attention of a human pal, and that’s where DogsWorld’s Personal Daycare shines. Paired with a compassionate and skilled caregiver, they’ll bask in individualized playtime and affection, ensuring they’re not only cared for – but truly pampered. Thanks to our attentive staff, every dog has its day—every day!

Turn Up the Excitement with Enhanced Daycare

For dogs with energy to burn, our Enhanced Daycare is the New Year’s ticket. Weave these visits into your dog’s routine for a mix of dynamic playtimes and engaging activities like bubble parties, seasonal celebrations, and more. DogsWorld ensures that your pooch will be thoroughly entertained and ready to curl up by your side at the end of the day.

Start the Year on the Right Paw with Puppy Kindergarten

Good habits begin in puppyhood. Our Voluntary Puppy kindergarten (VPK) offers a specialized space for socialization and play for your littlest family member. Early social skills pave the way for a well-rounded, happy, and healthy adult dog, and there’s no better place to start than DogsWorld.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Safe, Supervised Play

Whether your dog is mingling in our dog park or lounging indoors, our trained specialists are always present to oversee the fun. At DogsWorld, exercise, socialization, and safety are at the heart of all programs.

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