Spring is a time for new things. New sights. New sounds. New growth. Come to think of it, that sounds a whole lot like raising a puppy. And a Voluntary Puppy Kindergarten program, like the one offered at DogsWorld Pet Resort, can help your puppy spring into a bright future.

Did you know? Experts at the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB), say the first 3 months of a puppy’s life are perhaps the most critical. Why? Because it’s at this time that our dogs are at their most impressionable, and capable of soaking up new social skills.

These same experts will tell you that a socialized puppy has a far greater chance of flourishing in the great, big world around them, free from anxiety, aggression, and all of the other hurdles that can make going out in public challenging for dogs and their owners.

Here are just three big ways volunteer puppy kindergarten can help you and your little pup start a life together on the right foot (and paw).

  • Pup Meets World: Puppy daycare helps younger dogs get a head start in life by providing safe, secure interaction with scenarios that might otherwise startle or frighten them. By gently exposing them to new animals, people, sights, and sounds, puppies can ultimately sidestep damaging learned behaviors like fear, aggression, and anxiety, and instead, embrace the fantastic and fun world around them.
  • Pup Plays Hard: Special socialization activities, like those implemented in DogsWorld’s Voluntary Puppy Kindergarten program, are designed particularly with puppies in mind. Here, young dogs can meet other little ones under the watchful care of trained and skillful staff. Not only do they get a chance to enjoy a rigorous, riotous session of play and camaraderie, but they also get a chance to exercise these newfound social skills.
  • Pup Puts Trust in Others: From groomers to trainers to other pet resort staff, your pup’s life will be filled with meet and greets with trusted animal experts. Voluntary Puppy Kindergarten can begin to lay the groundwork for these encounters while helping your pet understand that the right human friends are there to help, not hurt. This ultimately sets them up for a happy, healthy, and friend-filled future.

DogsWorld Pet Resort’s Voluntary Puppy Kindergarten program (VPK) is held on the third Saturday of each month for puppies 8-20 weeks. The two-hour classes are free. Your new little one can join in the VPK fun at 8 weeks of age, then graduate to regular daycare, lodging, and training at 12 weeks of age. To learn more, call (561) 510-7319.