Going out of town on vacation this summer, but uncertain who should watch the dogs while you’re away? It’s a common concern for pet parents across the country. Pet sitters = particularly those who are friends of the family – can offer convenience, but the cost of professional dog watchers can swiftly escalate depending on how often they check-in.

Of course, there is also the big question mark surrounding reliability, which is just one of many reasons boarding is better for both pets and their parents.

Here are just four great reasons to contact your local pet resort before heading out of town this summer:

  1. Friends make everything better: Separation anxiety is a real thing, and particularly problematic when your family leaves for vacation and the pets stay home. But boredom and loneliness do not exist at a quality pet resort, where your pup will be paired with dogs of a similar size, age, and energy level and treated to hours of exercise and play outdoors and in. For dogs that prefer human companionship, pet resorts provide one-on-one sessions with caregivers for some custom TLC. From spacious play yards to explore to mentally stimulating games and interactive toys, there are hundreds of reasons boarding is better for your dog’s mind and body.
  1. Continuous supervision is the key. Your pet sitter may be the nicest and most conscientious person on the planet, but he or she is still a human being with other daily responsibilities. One of the biggest reasons boarding is better is simply a matter of numbers. The caregiver-to-pet ratio at your luxury pet resort is always going to win out. And not only are these animal specialists explicitly trained for the job at hand, but they are also on duty around the clock, delivering meal service, social and exercise time, and plenty of cuddles whenever they’re needed. Plus, when you pay for boarding, you know your pet is being catered to by a trained team of pros, so you never have to wonder if your sitter is truly looking after your pet, or off running errands while your dog waits impatiently by the door.
  2. Your pet’s health is paramount here: Every pet resort worth its salt conducts daily wellness checks to make certain your dog remains happy and healthy. Not only that, but safety and sanitation are of the utmost importance at the best boarding facilities, where strict vaccination policies are enforced, and daily housekeeping services ensure a clean environment.
  3. They’re the place for pups and seniors: If you have younger or senior dogs who require frequent potty breaks and nonstop attention, a luxury boarding facility is the place for you. The best resorts offer special amenities and accommodations for puppies, helping them to acclimate to new sights, sounds, and environments while establishing new social skills. Around-the-clock monitoring is also a must for young dogs, one of the many reasons boarding is better than worrying if your pet sitter made it in time.

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