Dogs simply cannot stand being cooped up in a house all day long. Between the beckoning temptation of the trash bin to waiting for hours on end for those telltale headlights to pop up in the driveway, being stuck at home alone can be a real drag.

Doggie daycare can be the cure for what ails you – and your pet. And thanks to custom-tailored playgroups, your dog will benefit from mental and physical stimulation that enriches their social skills and wards off separation anxiety.

Here are three of the top benefits playgroups deliver:

  1. Great pals: The best pet resorts will pair your pup with dogs of similar size, age, and energy level, ensuring a level playing field, so to speak, when it comes time to run, romp, and chase. For dogs who tend to stray from the pack and prefer more human engagement, many daycare programs offer special one-on-one time with trained caregivers, who will make sure your dog gets plenty of attention and interactive playtime.
  2. Places to explore: Doggie playgroups are typically unleashed onto spacious play yards, where they can stretch their legs and their social skills as they play ball, frisbee, and more with like-minded pals. In the event of inclement weather, resorts frequently move the fun indoors, where temperature-controlled playrooms fit the bill for some high-octane doggie hijinks.
  3. Fun & games: Dogs thrive on purpose, making mental stimulation every bit as important as ample physical exercise. Luxury pet resorts won’t disappoint and will provide various opportunities and activities to engage your pup’s intellect, from interactive toys like hide-a-treat Kongs to puzzle games and beyond.

Hallmarked by 7,000 square feet of awesome outdoor play space, DogsWorld offers a whole wide world of fun for your pet. Our multiple daycare options and customized playgroups deliver mental and physical stimulation for dogs of all ages, breeds, and personalities. All programs are fully supervised by high trained pet caregivers, ensuring the safety and happiness of all of our guests.