Playtime is serious business when it comes to the health advantages dogs receive as a result. Running, romping, jumping, crawling, and frolicking with their peers is just as critical to our favorite pups’ well-being as the food they eat or a routine checkup at the veterinarian’s office.

Here are just three ways play improves the overall health of your pet.

  • A stronger body: Just like a hearty workout benefits human beings, a dog at play gets much-needed aerobic and cardio exercise, which helps to protect their hearts while improving balance and strengthening joints; all of which are part of a healthier lifestyle.
  • A stronger mind: Our dogs thrive on mental stimulation. They want and crave purpose – or a “job” for lack of a better term. Engaging in group play, including games and obstacle courses with other animals and human caretakers can help improve your pet’s focus and mental agility.
  • Stronger relationships: Daily socialization with other dogs, pet care professionals, and even just friends and neighbors can help to boost your dog’s confidence while warding off the potential for separation anxiety. Not only that, but playtime between you and your pet – whether a run around the block or a game of fetch in the backyard – only helps to relieve stress and strengthen your bond. That’s not only healthy for your pet but for you, as well.

DogsWorld understands the importance of play. Our 7,000 square foot Wag Zone was custom-tailored for maximum recreation AND exercise, while our multiple activity packages deliver the health advantages dogs need for a well-rounded life. Call 561-320-9122 for details or check online for special offers.