Exercise is a critical part of any pet’s well-being, and that is particularly true when it comes to our dogs. Getting your pup up, out of the house, and moving leads to a longer, healthier life.

Here are just three reasons why exercising your dog is so important:

  1. Stronger bodies, stronger brains: Exercising your pup not only provides physical stimulation, but it also benefits their mental acuity, as well. When out on a walk or run, dogs encounter new sights, smells, sounds, and experiences that help to keep them mentally sharp and alert. Being exposed to different environments helps keep their minds active and their curiosity piqued. This is one of the major reasons that pet parents in Jupiter, Florida, and the surrounding area have explored DogsWorld Pet Resort’s dog daycare program. Our daycare caters to dogs of all ages, breeds, and personalities, and fully supervised play provides social interaction with other dogs and trained caregivers while delivering the mental and physical stimulation our pets crave.
  2. Staying fit and trim: Just like humans, dogs need to maintain a healthy weight. Regularly exercising your dog helps to ward off obesity-related issues such as diabetes, joint pain, and so much more. Regular physical activity also helps to reduce stress levels which contributes to good health long-term. Workouts for your dog doesn’t have to be strenuous, either. Going for a leisurely walk or playing some fetch with you is perfect in between visits to doggie daycare. At DogsWorld, daycare and overnight guests enjoy The WagZone! This fully-staffed, 7,000-square-foot dog park offers visitors a chance to run, romp, and play and splash with other furry friends – never even realizing they’re burning calories in the process.
  3. An improved public persona: Dogs are social animals. When you allow your pet to engage with other people or animals in a positive and safe environment, they gradually learn better communication skills and proper behaviors in the process. Consider it a little bonus from being more active. Playing, interacting, and exercising with dogs during a day of play at DogsWorld can lead to improved socialization skills and fewer behavioral issues such as excessive barking, mischief, and frustration caused by boredom or a lack of activity.

April is Canine Fitness Month. The observance was founded back in 1997 to bring awareness to the dangers of pet obesity and sedentarism. At DogsWorld we loveour doggie guests, and we understand just how important exercise is for their mental and physical well-being. Active pets are happier pets. That’s why the resort offers group play times for fun, excitement, and good, old-fashioned exercise both in our climate-controlled, indoor play space, and the legendary WagZone.

We can’t wait to celebrate Canine Fitness Month with your pet. Contact us today to make your reservation.