When it comes to selecting the ideal daycare for your furry friend, DogsWorld Pet Resort in Jupiter, Fla., offers a spectrum of choices to meet the unique needs of all canine guests. From regular group play options to personalized attention, there’s something to fit every pup’s personality.

Social daycare, for instance, is specifically designed for canine guests who thrive in a pack and enjoy the company of other animals. Forging friendships with other dogs in the play yard ensures your pet returns home exercised, satisfied, and ready for some TLC.

Personal daycare, on the other hand, is geared toward those guests who have a penchant for human companionship. Specially trained caregivers engage with dogs doing activities they love, from a game of fetch to a cozy cuddle session.

But DogsWorld’s enhanced dog daycare program is somewhat of a different breed. Catering to dogs who are highly driven or have an abundance of energy, our enhanced program offers additional playtimes, of course, in addition to an assortment of fun activities to engage your high-octane hound’s mind and body. These include, but are not limited to:

  • A rotating schedule of activities: High-energy dogs thrive on variety. The monotony of a regular play routine can become insufficient for their stimulation needs. At DogsWorld, our rotating schedule ensures that every day brings something new to the table, from bubble parties to craft days and beyond. This variation helps to channel your pet’s energy into exciting and productive activities, reducing the likelihood of destructive behaviors borne out of boredom at home.
  • Special events and seasonal fun: Whether it’s celebrating birthdays or embracing seasonal festivities, enhanced dog daycare offers up unique, themed ways for dogs to expend their energy while engaging their minds. At DogsWorld, every day is a fresh adventure.

Regardless of the program you choose, DogsWorld’s daycare packages offer numerous benefits to both your pet – and your family.


  • Social Skills: Not only do daycare programs promote positive dog-to-dog interactions, but by building confidence, reducing stress, and improving social etiquette, they also help to strengthen bonds between pets and their owners.
  • Safety & Convenience: With a carefully screened dog community and a dedicated dog park, your furry friend will experience the joys of the great outdoors without the risks of unsocialized dogs or irresponsible owners.
  • Peace of Mind: For pet parents, knowing that their dog is spending the day in a secure and stimulating environment provides the reassurance that their pet is in good hands, which allows them to leave worries behind and focus on the job at hand.

Could your pet benefit from an enhanced dog daycare program? Reach out to the DogsWorld team to schedule a visit and discover the perfect program for your beloved pet.