Ask anyone who has ever seen their dog smile – yes, dog personality styles are a thing.

Dogs are like people – they have many different personalities. Typically, however, there is one prominent personality that shines through. Understanding your dog’s personality style is an integral part of the puzzle in so many different aspects of your relationship with your pet. Knowing, and appreciating, a dog’s personality style will help steer you in the right direction when it comes time for boarding, daycare, grooming, and beyond.

There are five prominent dog personality styles to be aware of. Which sounds most like your pup?

  1. Confident: Think Rin Tin Tin, Buck from “The Call of the Wild,” or the German Shephard from those James Belushi films. Confident dogs are the quote-unquote leaders of the pack. They are prone to dominant and willful behavior, but do not necessarily exert aggression to show who’s boss with other animals.
  2. Shy: Timid dogs may resist new situations. Attempting to force them to adjust may lead to feelings of mistrust and even aggression if backed into a corner. Shy dogs tend to respond better to praise and encouragement (read: treats) and require more of a “baby steps” approach to interacting with new people and/or animals.
  3. High-Energy: Here’s the dog whose tail is wagging a mile a minute as he leaps up into the arms of a new visitor. High-energy dogs enjoy socializing with, literally, everyone and everything – and they are known for their boundless energy (particularly if they don’t receive routine exercise at home). If you’re picturing a prancing Lab or a Golden spinning in circles, you’re on the right track.
  4. Independent: Independent dogs tend to be breed-specific (West Highland Terriers, Chow-Chows), and often form a close relationship with just one or two people. They may appear aloof or arrogant, even. Finding what motivates independent dogs is the trick to making them think they thought of something first. While independent dogs certainly appreciate their alone time, they can also be incredibly affectionate with their people – making interaction that much more special.
  5. Responsive: Similar to the happy, ‘high-energy’ dog, responsive dogs are adaptable and eager to please. Patient with other animals, people, and situations – their easygoing attitude often makes them phenomenal therapy dogs.

DogsWorld Pet Resort understands that every dog personality style is unique, and that each and every one of our guests will have different preferences when they come to daycare – or for an extended boarding stay.

Our team has developed multiple daycare programs to ensure every dog’s personality is accounted for:

  • Group play and social daycare programs are perfect for your high-energy or responsive dog, as they provide plenty of time to romp and play in our amazing play yards. Here, dogs can socialize with other guests while getting great exercise throughout the day.
  • One-on-one sessions are tailored to those independent or shy dogs who prefer the company of a human caregiver. This exclusive engagement with a trained professional delivers reassurance to your dog and personalized playtime.
  • Enhanced daycare delivers additional playtimes for the dog who just can’t seem to get enough activity. Rotating games and activities – including bubble parties and custom birthday celebrations – add to the four-legged fun.

DogsWorld in Jupiter, Florida, offers a healthy and safe environment designed for your dog’s fun and fulfillment. Call (561) 320-9122 to learn more about our special programs or book your reservation today.