No matter the season, your dog’s hair continues to grow all year long. And it’s no secret: dogs who are regularly bathed and brushed enjoy a healthier coat.

Here are four important dog grooming tips to keep your pal comfortable and classy after a run on the beach or digging in the sand.

  1. Focus on that fur: Excess hair often leads to matting and a thick undercoat laden with dead skin cells. Brushing once a day helps to eliminate these issues and prevents excess shedding. Bathing, too, keeps your dog clean and comfortable while warding off allergens like pollen and mold spores that can stick to the fur and irritate the skin, or even be inhaled. Talk to your vet and/or groomer about your breed’s hair needs and establish a steady bathing schedule.
  2. Use quality products: Be sure to partner with a groomer that only uses all-natural, environmentally friendly shampoos and conditioners. Talk to them about the benefits of quality moisturizing shampoos.
  3. Pay attention to the paws (particularly the toenails). Sure, when it comes to dog grooming tips, this is a big one. Long nails can get snagged on furniture and blankets when your dog is indoors and could even be torn off causing pain and mobility issues. Trimming your dog’s nails every 1-2 months can protect them – and your home furnishings.
  4. Stay on top of things: Keep in mind: more time spent outdoors leads to dirtier fur and more frequent baths. Keep on top of bathing and grooming. Dogs tend to shed less when their pet parents maintain a regular bathing and de-shedding schedule.


DogsWorld Resort offers three distinct levels of bathing for your dog (basic, ultra, and premium), as well as expert nail trimming services and dog spa specialties like canine massage and hydrotherapy. Our trained bathers are also incredibly thorough and can help to identify any potential health concerns or skin irregularities before they progress. Book your reservation today by calling 561-320-9122.