On the fence about doggie daycare?

It’s OK.

As a pet parent, it can be tricky to know if daycare is a good fit for your dog. That’s why the best pet resorts offer a free daycare introduction day to make certain that pets and their parents are comfortable. It’s also a great time for the facility’s team to get to know you and your dog and to start brainstorming the programs that will ultimately prove the perfect fit for your pooch.

Here are three things you, your pup, and your pet care team will learn during the initial daycare introduction day:

  1. Lay of the land: Your dog’s introduction day is so important, as it allows them to get fully acclimated with the resort staff and the facility itself. Dogs LOVE to explore. Being able to see (and smell) where they’ll be spending the day is a big step that puts them at ease.
  2. New friends: A daycare introduction day is just that: a chance for guests and resort staff to meet and greet and learn a little bit more about each other. Think of it as the kindergarten open house where kids get to meet their teacher for the first time. And just like an open house, your dog will also be able to meet some of their future playmates. Social opportunities with similarly friendly dogs give resort staff a chance to observe how your pet interacts with other animals – invaluable data when it comes time to create daycare playgroups.
  3. Playtime preferences: Most dogs live to play, and your luxury pet resort staff wants to get a feel for the activities your pet enjoys the most. Do they love to run, romp, and explore the outdoors? Are they fans of interactive toys and mentally stimulating puzzles? Are they high-energy social butterflies, or a bit more reserved? A dog’s daycare introduction day sets the stage for the many activities they’ll enjoy once enrolled.

At DogsWorld pet resort, our team prides itself on maintaining the optimal safety, care, and contentment of our guests. During your dog’s fun-filled daycare introduction day, pet care specialists from the facility will take extensive notes. You will get a complete recap of everything your dog did and experienced when you come pick them up.

Right now, new daycare clients receive a free first day of play. Come see what all of the bark is about. Call (561) 320-9122 to schedule your first visit.