The best luxury pet resorts offer plenty of fun-filled activity packages that allow you to fully customize your dog’s boarding stay, ensuring they have the time of their life.

Here are just four ways to maximize your dog’s enjoyment while you both take a vacation:

  1. Ask about group play: Did someone say “ball”? Scheduling additional playtime with other pups is always a welcome treat. Giving your dog ample time to run and romp with energetic peers guarantees plenty of exercise and the mental stimulation every dog craves.
  2. Opt for individualized TLC: For dogs who prefer human companionship, personalized, one-on-one playtimes with a trained and compassionate caregiver can typically be added to your pet’s stay.
  3. Schedule specialized snuggles: Bedtime can be the best time when paired with optional tuck-in services for your tired pup at the end of a long, fun day. In many cases, pet parents also have choices regarding accommodations, and can book spacious rooms or luxury suites that completely eliminate the notion of cramped cages and crates. DogsWorld Pet Resort also caters to pet-owners of multiple animals, allowing dogs to share rooms with other members of their immediate family.
  4. Send a little reminder of home: Perhaps one of the best ways to customize your dog’s boarding stay is to send a familiar (but not an all-time favorite) toy, soft blanket, or tee shirt that smells like home along with your dog.

The DogsWorld team understands that each of our guests is a unique individual with individualized needs. That’s why we give our pet parents plenty of options for customization, ranging from high-octane activity packages in indoor and outdoor play spaces to comprehensive pampering for your pooch at our spa and even bonus, gourmet treats. Call 561-320-9122 for details or check online for special offers.