Dropping your dog off for a stay at the pet resort? A little bit of prep ahead of time can really make a difference. You may feel unsure of what to pack – particularly if the two of you have never been apart. But take heart – with a few handy tips and a bit of preparation, you can enjoy a smooth and stress-free check-in when boarding your dog. Here’s how to do it:

  • Make sure your dog is up to date on vaccinations: Don’t wait until drop-off to check those vaccination records. In general, pet resorts only accept dogs who have updated vaccines. Here at DogsWorld, we require rabies, distemper combo (which includes parvovirus) and Bordetella vaccinations. A negative fecal test within the year is also required. At DogsWorld, all guests who have not been vaccinated – or whose vaccinations have lapsed – are required to receive treatment 12 days before their check-in. But please ask about special situations that may allow for other circumstances.
  • Get all paperwork squared away in advance: You’ll have to fill it out for your four-legged friend, of course – but taking care of any forms required by the resort ahead of time will go a long way to expediting drop off.
  • Don’t forget the doggie bag(s): Many pet resorts encourage pet parents to supply their own meals, making the stay that much more personalized. But be sure to bag and label each portion separately. This helps resort caretakers keep your pet on their normal feeding schedule. At DogsWorld, guests are served meals twice daily – or per pet parent requests. We do ask that large bags of food are left at home – though sealable containers are welcome for stays that extend beyond 10 days.
  • Talk to resort staff about meds: If your dog will require medication during its stay, mention this when making your reservation and be sure to review dosage and frequency during check-in when boarding your dog. All medications should be in original containers, packaged separately from food, and clearly labeled to avoid confusion.
  • Don’t overpack: Every pet resort has their own rules for what personal items are allowed. At DogsWorld, for instance, we encourage a piece of old clothing with your scent on it to really make your pup feel at home. (Just make sure to send something you don’t necessarily want back. Some pups will tear and play with it.) Also, bring a couple of toys. Having their own toys in their room makes guests feel right at home.
  • Don’t fall to pieces at drop off: Just like dropping the kids off on their first day of kindergarten, if you’re confident, your dog will be confident. If you simply treat boarding and daycare drop-off like it’s another walk in the park, your pet will follow your lead. And before long, they’ll be tugging at the leash to get back to the resort and see their pals!

At DogsWorld Pet Resort, our team members are firm believers in what we call “The Dog Lifestyle,” and recognize that our pets are family members for whom we want the very best. We go above and beyond to ensure your pet has a fun and fulfilling vacation in the healthiest and safest environment possible when you are away from home.

To learn a lot more about our dog boarding policies, including drop-off times, cancellations, and more, see our FAQ page.