Cage-free dog boarding lets your pup know they’ve found a home away from home. It also provides doggie parents with peace of mind, knowing that their dogs are free to play, run, and relax at their leisure. No kennels means no boredom or feelings of isolation; just dogs being dogs – and having the time of their lives.

Additional benefits of cage-free dog boarding include:

  • Greater independence: Cage-free dog boarding allows your furry family member to explore, unencumbered, throughout the day. It also allows your dog the freedom to set their pace, choose their space, and maximize their comfort.
  • A sense of home: If your dog is allowed free reign at home, cage-free boarding can make a visit to the resort feel like an extension of their normal routine, and provides a fun atmosphere where pets feel at home, complete with treats, cuddles, and plenty of TLC.
  • Plenty of socialization: If your dog loves and craves social interaction, cage-free dog boarding is an ideal option, as it offers plenty of opportunity to run and play with their four-footed friends under close supervision, while retiring to private sleeping accommodations after a rigorous day of activity.

DogsWorld pet resort offers 100% cage-free dog boarding. Each of our guests receives their own spacious room or a huge, second floor luxury suite to curl up in, kick back, and just relax. Our signature cage-free dog boarding experience delivers:

  • Serene sleeping quarters
  • Raised bedding with memory foam mattresses
  • High ceilings
  • Picturesque views
  • And tons of fun!

Dogs can even share a room with a sibling or a good pal upon request. Request your reservation today.