A healthier coat, healthier skin, a more pleasant aroma, and an altogether sleeker, cleaner appearance are all among the top bath benefits for dogs, but the perks don’t stop there.

Consider these three secret bath benefits for dogs:

  1. Shedding control: Pet owners know all-too well the joy of frequent vacuuming to clear stray hair and clumps of fur from the carpet and floor. But guess what? Frequent baths cut down on shedding significantly when followed up with a through brushing. Most dogs shed less when they are on a regular grooming and bathing schedule. That means a cleaner house, a happier family, and an opportunity to remember what color the rug was.
  2. Diagnostic check: A trained groomer can often spot potential health risks and hazards, like skin abnormalities or inflammation, while there is still time to act. A groomer can help to monitor your dog’s health, and will examine the ears, teeth, nails, skin, and more.
  3. Alleviated allergies: Particularly during the spring and summer months, your pet’s fur is a catch-all for allergens. And anyone who suffers the seasonal effects of pollen – you, your dog, or both! – can soon start feeling the itchy, irritating effects if they’re inadvertently taken into your home. Regular baths can help to curb this cycle. All dogs can benefit from more frequent baths.

DogsWorld Pet Resort understands how important regular grooming is for your dog’s appearance and wellbeing. Our grooming spa offers comprehensive services that deliver multiple bath benefits for dogs. Whether you’re dropping your pet off for a premium bath, or picking up a clean, great-smelling pooch after an extended boarding stay, we’ll have your dog looking and feeling brand new. We use all natural, environmentally friendly shampoos and conditioners, and our premium service includes a wash, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, and ear cleaning. Or add a de- shedding treatment for an Ultra Bath. Feel free to contact us with any questions or schedule your appointment today.